2019 Preliminary Programming is up!

Check out the panel ideas we have in store for you this year — everything from gods to monsters, fiber arts to fantasy, and more. These aren’t the final titles or descriptions; we will update them over the coming weeks, and possibly list additional ideas for consideration, before finalizing our 10-panel slate around June 1st. Please feel free to post your suggestions and feedback in the comments, and email programming@4thstreetfantasy.com if you see a particular panel you want to be on!

6 thoughts on “2019 Preliminary Programming is up!”

  1. Initial impression: these all sound fascinating! How are you even going to choose?

    Special shout out to: Non-Written Structural Memory for carrying on the conversation from last year’s convention which is not only a thing I like to see happen, but also was definitely one of the topics that stuck with me most.

    Other than Non-Written Structural Memory, the one I’d put at the top of my list if forced to choose is A Consideration of Death in Fantasy. It’s so often not done well, but when it is, it’s one of the most powerful experiences fiction reading can deliver.

  2. The one Iā€™m most looking forward to is the space one, but the class/economy -based ones (everyday people and fiber arts) also seem greatly interesting!!

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