Non-Programming Activities

In addition to our single programming track, 4th Street has accumulated a number of participant-run traditions and events, taking place around and during the convention. Some of them are listed below. Schedules for these events will be available on the first day of the convention.

Thursday Night Opening Gambit

The Consuite with snacks opens Friday 3:30pm. You are welcome to gather and socialize prior to the arrival of food. This is a change from previous years when we have opened Thursday night 8:00pm.

Tea Party

Created by Ctein and Jon Singer, a tea tasting event complete with fruit, cheese, and other snacks takes place during the convention weekend (usually on Saturday). Specific times and places will be provided at the convention.

Good Book Exchange

A designated space to give and take books, open all weekend. Bring extra copies of your favorites, or it’s-been-read-but-its-time-to-move-on titles, or I-really-want-to-share-this-with-you books to swap or give. Anything left at the end of the weekend will donated to an appropriate non-profit organization.

Yarn Swap

The Yarn Swap, much like the Good Book Exchange, provides a place for your orphaned skeins, yarn for projects you realized you were never going to get around to, or other such offerings that are ready to move on to a new home – and to find yarn you might need! What isn’t claimed, or reclaimed, will be donated to an appropriate non-profit organization.

Intermediate Writers Gathering

At least once during the convention weekend – often on Friday nights in the Upper Atrium after the last panel gets out – there is a gathering for self-identified ‘Intermediate Writers’. If you are looking for discussion beyond the usual beginner-level advice but you’re still chasing your first few publications, this might be the group for you!

Music & Singing

Each night after programming concludes, informal music-making happens in the Programming room. Bring your instruments, your voice, your appreciative audience-self! Everyone is welcome.

Post-Con Fish

Many 4th Street attendees get together on the Monday after the con to have Fish – collective sushi lunch, followed by a stop at an ice cream shop. Directions to Fish are available at the registration desk.