4th Street Seminar

Friday, June 14th, 10 AM – 2 PM, lunch included

When the Map Becomes the Territory: Planning and Re-Planning the Novel, Series, or Game. 

A seminar led by Maurice Broaddus, Seth Dickinson, Beth Meacham, and DongWon Song.

Some writers launch into the woods of a book or game without packing so much as a lunch; some of us plan the entire campaign out step by step, sometimes to the level of lines of dialogue. But rare indeed is the writer who hasn’t found themselves lost midway through the wood—and most of us aren’t so lucky as to get saved by Virgil when the wolves close in.  This seminar will cover the meta-manuscript. How do we prepare for a book, game or series? (And how have those preparations changed from project to project?) This includes outlining, but is by no means limited to it: pre-book bouts of travel, video game involvement, music-playing, fountain pen fiddling and other rituals become part of our preparation for the months-long (or years-long) floor routine that is writing a novel. How do we respond when our preparations prove insufficient? And, once we have an actual manuscript, what steps help us reconsider and reapproach?

Hour One: Pre-Writing

Hour Two: The Middle of the Book

Hour Three: Post-Writing

Registration for the seminar is $50, and there are 40 spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis. Lunch is provided by the hotel and includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Please email workshops@4thstreetfantasy.com if you have any specific food exclusions.