2021 Full Schedule

At long last, the full schedule of events for this year’s 4th Street Fantasy! Panels will be available on YouTube to all (and for at least a month following the convention) and events in BOLD will be available only to registered members.

All times in U.S. Central timezone

Friday, June 18

3:00 PM: Convention opens! (Discord chat will be available to all members)

4:00 PM: Exclusive interview with Pamela Dean released to members.

6:00 PM: Opening Ceremonies

7:30 PM: Journey Back to 1988: Willow Watch Party

Saturday. June 19

12:00 PM: Panel – Kinging Is Hard, But Not Kinging Is Harder: Valorizing Collective Action

2:00 PM: Panel – Fashion as Weapon and Armor: Layers of Narrative Action

3:15 PM: Panel (Prerecorded) – Personalizing the Apocalypse: Meaningful Stakes on Grand Scales (Transcript)

4:00 PM – Live Q&A for Personalizing the Apocalypse

7:30 PM: Post-Cataclysm Blues: a World of Warcraft Stream and Lecture

Sunday, June 20

10:00 AM: Panel (Prerecorded) – Choosing What Matters: Concepts of Heroism in The Curse of Chalion (Transcript)

11:00 AM: Live Q&A for Choosing What Matters

4:00 PM: Panel: The Choreography of Awe: Evoking Wonder in Prose Battle Scenes

5:00 PM: Closing Ceremonies

6:00 PM: Convention ends