2023 Full Schedule

The full schedule for Fourth Street Fantasy 2023 is now available! All times in US Central. Detailed panel descriptions are here and seminar information is here.

Friday, June 16th

9:00 AM          Registration Opens
10:00 AM        Seminar Begins
2:30 PM          Seminar Ends
3:30 PM          Welcome to Fourth Street! Opening Remarks
4:00 PM          Modeling Complex Systems
5:00 PM          Meal Break
7:00 PM          Getting By on Vibes

Saturday, June 17th

9:00 AM          Registration Opens
9:30 AM          Literally Building the Figurative Story
11:00 AM        Reclaiming Narratives
12:00 PM        Meal Break
2:00 PM          So You Want to Write a Multi-POV Epic Fantasy
3:30 PM          Organizing People:  Fantasy Bureaucracy as a Tool for Change
5:00 PM          Guardrails and Expectations
6:00 PM          Meal Break
8:00 PM          Translation As Action: Whose Perspective Is It Anyway?

Sunday, June 18th

9:45 AM          Registration Opens
10:00 AM        A Potion for Whatever Ails You: Healing in Fantasy
11:30 AM        Celebrating 35 Years of Sorcery and Cecelia: A Conversation with Fantasy Wizards Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer
12:30 PM        Meal Break
2:30 PM          …But That’s a Different Panel
3:30 PM          Closing Remarks