More TTRPG Oneshots Coming Up!

Hello fantasy fans!  Fourth Street Fantasy Convention is doing an off-season fundraiser in which Matt Doyle will be gamemastering five chosen donors & a Special Author Guest in a one-shot adventure for Pathfinder (first edition).  If you’re interested in joining a game, please answer the following questions below.  No familiarity with D&D or Pathfinder rules is needed. 

The one-shot will be run over Discord, once on April 30th & once on May 28th, 1PM to 5 or 6 PM CST.  Pre-generated characters will be provided.  For players, we’re asking for a donation of $75, although we encourage people to sign up even if that’s too high an ask –  if sign-ups are short, you’ll still have a chance to play. Discord livestream of the game watchable for a $5-10 donation. 

Each session will feature one authorial guest – for April 30th, we’ll be joined by Scott Lynch, and for May 28th, [TO BE ANNOUNCED]. Learn the details of the adventure and sign up now on this form.

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