TTRPG Fundraiser ’23/’24

Last year, we ran two one-shots based on 4th Street panel discussions & frequently referenced tropes that raised more than a thousand dollars to help the Con continue this year.  This year’s game offerings are starting with a blockbuster – a Goblin Emperor one-shot with special guest star Katherine Addison!

Games are run over Discord, with a $5 suggested donation if you wish to be in the audience, & a $75+ suggested donation for players (while we will welcome players who donate at every level, as a fundraiser, player slots may go to higher donors first).  

Both first-time & experienced players are welcome, & your DM, Matt Doyle, has long experience of running accessible & accommodating games for players with a variety of disabilities, so please don’t consider either gaming experience, system familiarity, or accommodation needs an obstacle to joining us for a game.

If you’re interested in playing or watching, sign up and tell us your availability by filling out this survey. We also have a donor who is willing to fund a seat for a marginalized person who couldn’t otherwise afford to play!

The Road From Vedaiso

Set in the world of Katherine Addison’s The Goblin Emperor, this one-shot brings together Couriers, Guards, Maza, & Witnesses in the very small town of Vedaiso on the road south from the Evressai Steppes, where the Imperial Repository stores the furnishings and accouterments the traveling imperial household might need to make nearby estates suitable for the Emperor to reside in. When, shortly after the coronation of Edrehasivar VII, the Repository is the victim of a shocking robbery, the local Adremaza turns to local resources to recover the stolen goods quickly, before the matter becomes an embarrassment.

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