Non-Programming Activities

Since the convention is virtual in 2021, our usual non-programming activities are going to look a little different! We’re rounding up suggestions for things to do together on Zoom, Discord, or a platform that we can reasonably manage, and looking for volunteers to help those go well! If you have ideas or want to help out, please contact us ASAP.

Prerecorded talks:

Do you have something you’re super excited to talk about, but there isn’t a panel for it? We’re looking for people to record short talks about literally anything that we will release during the convention. We can help set you up for recording (as long as you have a webcam) and we especially would love to hear from people who haven’t been on 4th Street panels before!

Send a link or the video file to, or email us there for more information. Submissions must be in by June 1.

(Note: All submissions must fall within the Code of Conduct, and we may not be able to accept every submission. Please check in if you’re unsure if your topic is appropriate!)