Safety Complaint Procedures

To create visibility into the process, we are providing the procedures used by our Board members for how to handle Safety complaints at the convention.

Board Member Incident Reporting

Please review “Board Member Incident Reporting,” “Handling a Safety Complaint,” and “Witnessing an Incident” before your shifts. Keep them all on hand for reference.

If you are on the Board, you will be filling out the official Incident Report form for any harassment complaints and talking with the reporter directly. Here are the procedures for doing so:

  1. Receiving an Initial Verbal Report
    • If the reporter comes to you directly, check with the Harassment Reporting document and follow the preliminary steps there. In particular, check in with the reporter and make sure they feel safe and comfortable talking to you before taking their report.
    • If necessary, give your contact information and arrange to take the report when they feel ready.
  2. Filling out an Incident Report Form
    • Fill out the Incident Report Form as completely as possible.
    • Do NOT pressure the reporter to give any information they are uncomfortable giving. No one is required to identify themselves or anyone else.
    • Be patient and do not rush the reporter’s account of the incident. Reassure them that they can follow up with more details if they remember them later.
    • Show the reporter the filled out form so that they can make any necessary refinements or corrections to the narrative.
  3. Making a Next-Steps Plan with the Reporter.
    • Ask what action they want the convention to take. Do not promise to carry out any specific action, but do find out what they want, including taking no action at all.
    • Ask what they need in the immediate moment: an escort to their room or their car, a volunteer to keep an eye on them at the banquet, etc.
    • Thank the reporter for coming forward and helping the convention address the problem.
  4. Follow Through
    • Send your Incident Report, including notes on what has been requested, to the rest of the Board. If you cannot immediately email the report yourself, find another Board member who can digitize it for safe keeping.
    • Email the reporter the digitized incident report so that they have a copy. Tell them that if they’d like to make corrections or add details, they are welcome to do so.
    • Take care of yourself! Getting involved in a highly charged situation can be draining or even triggering. Take time and space to get centered, and find another safety team member to talk to if you need to.
    • Once you have addressed the situation, let the reporter know the expected results and plan going forward.

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