The full schedule for 2023 is up!

Single Track Programming

4th Street has only one programming track, letting everyone at the convention participate in an evolving, multi-day conversation. Each panel is led by participants particularly suited to speak on the panel’s topic, and has a moderator to guide the discussion. Everyone in the room has opportunities throughout the panels to be part of the conversation: asking questions, making comments, and opening new roads of inquiry. Mobile microphones circulate in the audience, and the panel moderator integrates panelist perspectives with the full room’s input.

This year’s programming will be available in the weeks before the convention. If you would like to be on programming, have an idea for a panel, or have a programming question, please email

Our current Programming Coordinator is Casey Blair, assisted by Reuben Poling.

That’s a Different Panel

A longstanding tradition at 4th Street is a closing ad hoc panel on Sunday afternoon, entitled “That’s A Different Panel”. During the weekend, enthusiastic exchange often causes the conversation to veer off-topic – and when that happens, someone will cry “That’s a different panel!” to bring the group back on track. But we don’t let the fascinating diversions get lost: throughout the convention we keep a list of possible topics for the final panel, and on Sunday morning the room as a whole votes on what that “Different Panel” should be, and assembles speakers from the crowd.

Programming Traditions

A well-loved tradition at 4th Street is the ‘titles list’ – every time someone mentions the title of a work, a volunteer writes that title down on a easel pad of paper. By the end of the convention we all have a collective list of recommended reading, watching, and playing to last us the rest of the year – at least!

If you’d like to volunteer to write the titles list for one or more panels, email, or sign up during registration.

4th Street Workshop & Seminar

The 4th Street Seminar is full!