4th Street Combined Seminar and Workshop

Hello again, friends! Each year we try to offer an intensive half-day workshop experience immediately prior to the opening of the convention itself and, as promised, here are the details for 2022.

SEMINAR & WORKSHOP THEME: Writing as Practice

TIME: Friday, June 17, 10 AM – 2:30 PM

LEADERS: Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Arkady Martine, C.L. Polk

The theme of this year’s Seminar and Workshop is ‘Writing as Practice’ – writing as habit, as experiment, as training, as something that a writer continuously approaches. A bevy of award-winning and internationally-published authors will help you conceptualize the ‘practice’ of writing, building (or abandoning) habits, integrating writing into the complex and demanding pressures of being in the world (dayjobs, health issues, a global pandemic…) and how to get back on the horse, even if the horse has run off to pastures unknown.

After an opening discussion and a question period (90 minutes), seminar/workshop participants will have an opportunity to spend short individual periods (5-10 minutes per conversation) with one or more of our seminar leaders, to talk about questions of practice or review a short piece (under 1500 words) of writing.

Lunch will be served from 12:30 – 1:30 PM. After lunch, the seminar leaders will organize a write-in with prompts, short sprints, and collective camaraderie in practice.

Seminar and workshop tickets can be purchased through the same Yapsody registration page we use for regular convention membership.