Evening Event: Willow Watch Party

Join Scott Lynch in a movie watch party! The 1988 film Willow was a formative one for many fans of the fantasy genre. Hang out in Discord as you watch and enjoy the trenchant commentary of Scott and all the other 4th Street members!

For licensing reasons, we cannot broadcast the movie ourselves, but Willow is available on Disney+, Apple TV, Youtube, and Google Play, and we will be providing cues to synch your play with the commentary so you can follow along from the comfort of your own devices.

This event will only be available to registered members, so make sure you sign up here!

Saturday Evening Event: Post-Cataclysm Blues

So how do you live after the world ends? C.L. Polk will be using the online game World of Warcraft as the setting for an exploration of the subject by taking members on a walking tour of two Kalimdors: the original game world and the profound changes to the landscape after the Cataclysm took place.

The event will be streamed live in our Discord – members will be able to watch and listen to the event with no additional software to install. Or if you are a World of Warcraft player and want to join in, you can walk in-game with your host! Just make a Horde character on the Bloodsail Buccaneers server in WoW Classic: Burning Crusade and you will be able to roleplay walking from Orgrimmar to the bottom of The Barrens while we discuss stories that happen after world-altering damage is done.

This is an optional event available only to members of this year’s 4th Street Fantasy convention! Make sure you register here – the convention is approaching!

Volunteers Needed!

Fourth Street Fantasy needs your help to make our virtual con a success! We’re looking for volunteers to host panels and open rooms on Zoom, moderate Discord discussions, relay questions to panelists, document helpful information on the virtual whiteboard, and provide technical support. No experience needed; we’ll be glad to train you.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please fill out this survey!

For more information or questions, reach out to volunteers@4thstreetfantasy.com

Exclusive Content – Interview With Pamela Dean

4th Street Fantasy attendees will get a special treat this year: an interview with Minneapolis author Pamela Dean for the 30th anniversary of her celebrated novel TAM LIN!

This wonderful 45-minute conversation with Marissa Lingen won’t be available to the general public, so be sure to register today.

Call for Volunteers

Fourth Street Fantasy needs your help to make our virtual con a success! We’re looking for volunteers to host panels and open rooms on Zoom, moderate Discord discussions, relay questions to panelists, document helpful information on the virtual whiteboard, and provide technical support. No experience needed; we’ll be glad to train you.

Please email us at volunteers@4thStreetFantasy.com if you’re interested!

4th Street Virtual Convention 2021

This year is going to be different, and we can’t wait to share it with you! We have many things planned, and will be talking about more of them in the coming weeks as we finalize our plans.

Panels! We’re taking advantage of the online nature of the convention to broaden our range of panelists, so look forward to seeing some new faces. The panel topics are listed here, and videos will be available to everyone.

– Live Q&SA: While some of the panels will be prerecorded to accommodate scheduling issues, we will be bringing some of the panelists on to have a 4th Street-style conversation via Discord after the panel videos are released, because everyone is an essential part of the conversation.

– Social events! We look forward to hosting general social activities either on Discord or on Zoom, as people prefer. If you’d like to see (or lead!) a particular event, please drop us a line and we’ll facilitate!

– Special activities: We’ve got a few special things on the boil for people to enjoy. More information as we get closer!

Register here, and please note that this year, the cost of registration is whatever you can afford. Our first priority is seeing you all again!

Earlier this summer, allegations were made about Scott Lynch, a longtime Board member for 4th Street. While none of the allegations involved the convention directly, some of the allegations were matters for serious concern, and we received a formal safety report requesting that we determine whether there was any ongoing risk to the 4th Street community. 

Various members of the Board were either directly involved in or witnesses to some of the events in question, and they all recused themselves immediately from the investigation. We formed an ad hoc committee of uninvolved Board members, volunteers, and members of the 4th Street community. This committee investigated all available allegations, witness statements, and follow-up statements, and have determined that our Code of Conduct was not violated, nor is there a risk to the 4th Street community. The member who filed the safety report has been contacted and agrees that the report has been resolved.

Thank you all for your patience.

4th Street 2019 Attendee List

Badge Name

(Lioness) Elise Matthesen

A. J. Hackwith

Abra Staffin Wiebe


Aimee Kuzenski

Aimee Ogden

Aja McCullough

Alaster Grey

Alex Haist

Alison Davys

Alison Wilgus

Amanda Cook


Anika Stafford

Ann Totusek

Anthony W Eichenlaub

Arkady Martine

Arun Jiwa

Ashton L Hocking

Benjamin C. Kinney

Beth Friedman

Beth Hynes

Beth Meacham


Brandon Stenger

Bree McKee-Miller

C. L. Polk

Caroline Stevermer

Casey Blair

Catherine Lundoff

CD Covington

Chelsea Counsell

Christopher K Davis

Cindy Noble

Clio Yun-su Davis

Cole Wright

Cordia Pearson



Dana Watson


Devin Singer

Don Pizarro

Eleanor Frisch

Elizabeth Bear

Elizabeth Parmeter

Emily Gilbert

Emily Vakos

Fade Manley


Fred G. Yost

Gaea Dill-D\’Ascoli

Ginger Weil

Gwen Willems

Hannah Bradshaw Lozier

J Michael Neal

Jaime O’Brien

Jeff McNair (Mac)

Jenn Lyons

Jennifer Hudak

Jennifer Mace

Jesse Toldness

Jessica Underhill

Jo Miles

John Appel

John Chu

John Wiswell

jon singer

Jonathan Bakker

Jordan Shiveley

K.A. Doore

Kai Gottschalk

Kate Bitters

Kate M

Kate Toldness



Kellie Hultgren

Kelly Rossmore

Kevin Wabaunsee

Lauren Hougen

Laura A. Krentz

Leigh Wallace

Lesley Perg

Lorraine Dahm

Luke Elliott

Lydy Nickerson

Maire Martin

Marcia Franklin

Margaret Taylor

Marissa Lingen

Matt Doyle

Maureen Zahn

May Louise Shea

Megan Doyle

Merc Rustad

Michelle Appel

Mike Lyons


Nadya Duke

Nate Eakman

Nayad Monroe

Nick Fury

Pamela Dean

Pat Scaramuzza

Paul Schroeder

Paul Weimer

Peggy O

Peter Hentges

Phil Margolies

Rachel Awan

Reinhardt Suarez

Reuben Poling

Rhonda Seymour

Robin Veldhoen

Robyn Bennis

S. Brackett Robertson


Sam Hirte-Runtsch

Sarah Phiala Goslee

Sav Biedermann

Scott Lynch

Simone Heller

Sloane Talest

Stella Evans

Stephanie Charette

Stephanie Cranford

Steven Berger

Tania Richter (AetherFang)

Thomas Smit

Tim Boerger

Tor Anderson

Veronica Turk

Vivian Shaw


Wendy Hammer

Wm Henry Morris

Finalized Programming is up – we can’t wait to see you on June 14!

After much discussion and an embarrassment of volunteering-for-programming riches, we have a final programming schedule for 4th Street 2019 … and since we’re less than a week away from the convention, we just want to say how excited we all are, and how much we’re looking forward to continuing our conversation with you all.

See you in Minneapolis!

2019 Preliminary Programming is up!

Check out the panel ideas we have in store for you this year — everything from gods to monsters, fiber arts to fantasy, and more. These aren’t the final titles or descriptions; we will update them over the coming weeks, and possibly list additional ideas for consideration, before finalizing our 10-panel slate around June 1st. Please feel free to post your suggestions and feedback in the comments, and email programming@4thstreetfantasy.com if you see a particular panel you want to be on!